Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Betty MacDonald fans and Charlie Hebdo

Betty MacDonald fan club fans, 

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Thanks a lot for your understanding and support dearest Betty MacDonald fan club fans from all over the world.

We got a message from a Betty MacDonald fan from France who send us his thoughts regarding France and Charlie Hebdo.

( see his message below )

 We are very interested in your thoughts and comments.

Thanks a million in advance deaerst Betty MacDonald fan club fans.



Betty MacDonald fan club 

It is kind of you to post several messages about Charlie Hebdo.

Of course, it is horrible to have several people killed, who were writers and cartoonists. This was done only by two or three people who were mentally very weak, having had no parents to raise them, having lived in dirty suburbs and in prisons.

They had the power to kill only because our government is very bad at controlling weapons, and also very bad at caring about poor people.

The main priority of Hollande is the fight against cars and factories. This is what he said in his yearly speech at the end of 2014. He wants to have the votes from the green party, otherwise the parliament would be against him. He does not care about poverty, about unemployment, about freedom of speech. On the contrary, he makes people poorer every day with new stupid laws, new stupid taxes, new stupid wars far away from France: in Mali, Centrafrique, Irak, Syria, Ukraine, etc.

Last year, Hollande has banned a very good humorist called Dieudonne, just because he was criticizing Israel who sent bombs on Palestine. Dieudonne is a very good man and a really funny man. He is on the side of the poor people and on the side of the people who want peace in the world. It was totally unfair to censor him.

Of course, when the head of the state is saying that a humorist is dangerous, how would think weak people about a humoristic journal?

They would think it deserved to be punished, like Dieudonne was.

France is living in a spiral of violence, especially against the freedom of speech.