Monday, June 8, 2009

Betty MacDonald Research

After doing extensive worldwide research, including visits to places and people important to Betty, we are still looking for interesting and important information about Betty MacDonald and the Bard family. Our interest includes any interviews, articles, radio and television appearances.
We are also looking for more people who knew the Bards personally. If you have information to add to our research, please email us. Please also let us know your requests -- what kind of subjects interest you most about the work and life of Betty MacDonald and Mary Bard?
Your information will help us in our research and work to create and preserve a living portrait of Betty MacDonald's brilliant personality and her wounderful family. Please join us in this treasure hunt for more stories!
Do you have or know of an interesting sites with material about or related to Betty? Please send us the URL address. Thank you so much in advance for supporting our activities, and for your suggestions and help! Send us you research, suggestions and support to Research Department
Your information will be posted to the site promptly. Thank you!